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Mold Removal News:


Mold crisis at University of Maryland affecting workers
At least some workers say they have been made sick by the mold, according to Marc Seiden of AFSCME Maryland, the union that represents at 3500 employees at the University. "I have bronchitis and anyti...

Mold outbreaks spark serious health risks
The smell permeates the walls even out into the gravel driveway . DiLorenzo discovered the source of months of sickness- heavy mold growth behind a stuck, water-swollen door. The mold, see guessed, ...

McAllen Woman Wants Out of Lease Due to Mold Issue
EURúSometimes I'll stay here, sometimes I won't. I'd rather just stay with family because of the fact that, it does smell a little bit weird and I've tried cleaning it and cleaning it and the smell just ...

Tenants lived in mold infested building for months; were never told
Until we told them. Five On Your Side: What were you told about mold in this building? "Nothing. I'm shocked to know it. i had suspicions because of the smell when i go in the washroom," said Mildred- ...

Why Your Tap Water May Taste Moldy Lately.
while others have said they noticed a moldy odor. Comparatively, only 38 people from Manhattan called 311 to complain about their drinking water in the entire month of September, according to the ...

Toddler wearing soiled diaper removed from mold-covered, bug-infested home
The home was cluttered with moldy furniture and rotting items, dead and live bugs were present on nearly every surface and the smell of mold, urine and feces filled the air, according to the report. I...



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